Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Cognitive Bias Video Song

Here is an excerpt of the brilliant “Cognitive Bias Son”

I’m Biased because I knew it all along.

Hindsight Bias! I knew it all along!

I’m Bias because I put you in a category in which you may or may not belong.

Representativeness Bias: don’t stereotype!

I’m bias because of a small detail that throws off the big picture of the thing.

Anchoring Bias: See the forest for the trees!

I’m biased toward the first example that comes to mind.

Availability Bias: the first thing that comes to mind!

I’m Biased because I’ll only listen to what I agree with.

Confirmation Bias: you’re narrow-minded if you are like this!

I’m Biased because I take credit for success, but not blame for failure.

Self-Serving Bias: my success and your failure!

I’m Biased when I remember things the way I would have expected them to be.

Expectancy Bias: false memories are shaped by these!

I’m biased because I think my opinion now was my opinion then.

Self-consistency Bias: but you felt different way back when!

via Nudge


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