Friday, April 20, 2018

The ideas project, Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky, talks about emotion and media, in particular how we have now more “emotional” responses to certain types of media. This according to Shirky is due to the rapid spread of messages via social networks i.e. millions of tweets in a short period of time about swine flu might create an emotional response form a large group of people. Another aspect of social media that makes us have more emotional responses is that many of the messages we get through social networks come from friends and we already have an emotional relationship of some sort attached to them. One of the dangers from the latter is that we might take things at face value due to their provenance and that creates a fertile ground for an un-critical mass.

Shirky suggests an interesting idea where we might get a “rankisation” of everything in the google sense, and as we begin to analyse information from these networks we should be taking into account the context in which they occur, for instance the speed of spread through the network.


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