Friday, April 20, 2018

Everything is music

RjDj is an iPhone application that introduces the notion of “scenes” (akin to samples of real life audio) and mixes them with input taken form microphone or any other of the phone’s sensors. These are then mixed all together to provide an “auditory experience”. The results are amazing.

Chris one of the developers of the project demonstrates the product.

I find incredible how elegantly RjDj achieves what many other people try to do in other spheres – take real-time input of data and transform it into a beautiful output.

Edit. I’m not sure beautiful is the right way to describe the “auditory experience” delivered by RjDj. I was thinking in parallel about much of current work on information visualisation particularly deals with “making the invisible visible” by finding beauty in hidden patterns of data. I was however looking of the word compelling. There is something about the swiftness of the interaction and making sampling culture so immediate that makes it hugely compelling. This makes it vastly relevant when thinking about the possibilities of future real-time information systems.


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