Monday, March 19, 2018

tweeting spaces

There is an increasing interest on environmental data streams and personal datasets. Lots of people are using twitter to share information from devices and environments. I’m not sure twitter is the ideal platform for this but it provides an easy to use API and posting interface.

Interesting feeds include several telescopes a,b,c,d. Andy’s House the IBM’s research scientist that has connected his home security system to twitter broadcasting every activity in the place and Rob Faludi’s Botanicalls project is and his Botanicalls twitter kit.

Can twitter be killer app for the “internet of things”? Apparently not but it hasn’t failed to capture the imagination of many: TwitArcs, TweetWheel, Twitter Statistics, Twitter Spectrum, Twitter Topic Stream, Twitter Social Network Analysis

What makes twitter a good candidate for these applications? is it the easy to use posting interface? is it the simplicity of access? the community? Probably a combination of all those…


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