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urban play, exhibition at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008

‘droog event 2: urban play’ exhibition at experimentadesign amsterdam 2008
‘traffic-go-round’ by mark jenkins
droog event 2: urban play (initiated by droog design and curated by scott burnham)
at: onder de brug, amsterdam
from: september 18 – november 2, 2008
this is a sneak preview of the experimentadesign amsterdam 2008. part of the new design event freedesigndom, venues are located between the dutch cities of amsterdam and utrecht starting september 18th and run until november 2nd, 2008 at various venues. experimentadesign is a cultural biennale which first debuted in 1999 in lisboa, now with four editions under its belt. the theme for this year is ‘space and place’ which explores the city as a landscape which we have shaped and continue to shape through engineering, architecture and design. three exhibitions will be held which investigate our urban spaces and how transforming our place is just as much about imagination as it is about building and constructing. the exhibition highlights recent projects which have been used to enhance public spaces within the urban environment. one of the exhibitions on show will be ‘droog event 2: urban play’, a project which was initiated by droog design and curated by scott burnham.
‘droog event 2: urban play’ will be a display of international unauthorized collaborations and urban design interventions. often seen as a form of vandalism, the public interventions which are part of this exhibition are the newest waves of projects to hit the streets, challenging public expression in our major hubs as well as altering the language of creativity which is generally spoken in the city.
part of the exhibition also includes the amsterdam route. droog design and scott burnham have assembled groups of innovative designers and architects from around the world to create thirteen urban interventions, tools, toys and objects which will temporarily be placed along a route on the central IJ-riverfront in amsterdam. the collection of objects and installations for the amsterdam route is an experiment in imagination, which is meant to invite public interaction and raise questions about the residents of a city and how much they influence decisions being made regarding the creativity of their town.
billboards by cutup collective
stenciled streets by roadsworth
‘anwohnerpark’ by office of subversive architecture photo courtesy of office of subversive architecture
‘PARK(ing)’ by rebar
photo courtesy of rebar

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